What to do if you need to claim

In the unfortunate event of an accident, fire, theft or any other related damage to your vehicle, home or business please contact us by telephone on 020 8236 3600 as soon as possible.  Our dedicated claims team will be here to provide prompt expert help and advice during office hours.

In the event of an emergency please select the policy type from our claims sub menu and follow the guidance provided.

Useful Advice
At the scene of a motor incident :

  • Take a note of their:  Name, Address, Insurer, Vehicle Registration, Make and Model. 
  • Notify the police within 24 hours if:
    Anyone is injured
    Hit and Run or if the other party refuses to co-operate
    Vehicle is Stolen or vandalised 
  • Make a record of any statements made by other parties, but do not discuss blame as this may prejudice your insurers position.  It would also be helpful to provide a detailed sketch, photos or video evidence of the scene if possible.
  • Even if there is minor or no apparent damage to either car you MUST inform us as soon as possible.  
    It is very common for other parties to take advantage of these situations.
  • Emergency repair work can always be carried out in order to minimise further losses or damage.

In the event of loss or damage to property :
• Arrange for any necessary emergency repair work to be carried out in order to minimise further loss or damage and/or to secure your property.
In the event of theft or malicious damage :
• Contact the police immediately in order to report the incident, and obtain a crime reference number.



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