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We guarantee not to increase your young drivers insurance premium once you have passed your driving test. Unlike many other insurers that offer cheap provisional insurance today but dramatically increase your premium once you have passed, some also cancel your policy the day you have passed your test.

As long as your driving test is not within 42 days of cover we guarantee not to increase your premium. You can even keep your No Claims Discount you have built up over the year.

Why is our policy so different to others that offer learner driver insurance?
Our policy allows learner drivers to have their own insurance, on their own car and start building their own No Claims Discount even before they have passed their driving test.

Unlike other insurers who offer insurance on a daily or weekly basis, our policy is a 12 month policy so one you pass your policy continues. There is no increase in premium and you don’t have to cancel and take out a more expensive Full License holder insurance.

Do the test – Check out other insurers
If you have a quote from another insurer, ask them how much extra you will have to pay when you pass your test.  You will be shocked.  With our policy, you pay nothing extra when you pass your test.

After 12 months you earn a No Claims Bonus (even if you haven’t passed your test).  This discount can be worth 30% off you next insurance.


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