Help Your Pupils & Earn £30.00

NEW for 2015 - 40% Cheaper & More Cover

We have been listening to our driving instructors and have changed our young and new driver policy for 2015.

We can now cover your pupils who have just passed their tests. In addition to that, we have done away with the curfews and reduced our prices by over 40%.

We can cover most young drivers aged between 17 and 25 with a full or provisional license and can now also cover most post codes including all the major cities.

We pay you £30.00 for every one of your pupils who takes out an annual motor policy.

Mastercover are pleased to offer driving instructors £30 for every pupil who receives a quotation, which results in a policy being taken out. You do not have to insure your driving tuition car with Mastercover.

Simply give your pupil our free phone telephone number (0800 731 3378) and your unique reference number and if your pupil takes out a policy we will pay you £30.00 as a thank you.

If you do not know your unique reference number, it can be found on any letter or e-mail that Mastercover has sent you.  Alternatively, please give us a call and we can give you your unique reference number.

We are happy for you to put a link on your web-site, however you should only provide a link to our site, our telephone number and your unique reference number. You should not provide details about the suitability of cover or the cost of the insurance as insurance is a regulated activity.

Do I need to be insured with Mastercover?

No you do not need to be insured with us for your Driving Tuition policy, however you will need to contact us to obtain your unique reference number. We will still pay you the £30.00 to you if your pupil takes out insurance with us.

It’s as simple as that. Your pupil will get a great deal on their insurance and you receive a £30.00 thank you payment.

*£30.00 paid to you the instructor 60 days after your pupil takes out a policy with Mastercover

I accept that any activities shall be limited to displaying/distributing Mastercover leaflets/posters or telephone number and other promotional material (without giving any recommendation or endorsement in connection to any insurance).

I agree that as I must not
give advice or recommend a particular insurance product or scheme
provide customer contact details to Mastercover, (such details to come direct from the customer to Mastercover)
collect, handle or receive any premium from the customer in respect of their insurance

Give our number to your pupils and start earning straight away
Freephone 0800 731 3378 or 0208 236 3600
Make sure your pupil has your details so we can pay you your £30.00





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